Meet Simon Wright - our new M1 sponsor

Posted by Caroline Dale on 26 September 2019

Tell us about Simon Wright Jewellery? 

I started my business ten years ago because I wanted to provide a high quality product with excellent customer service, without the pretentious nature often attached to the luxury goods market. The fake smiles, suits and ultra manicured looks, glasses of champagne and glitzy shop interiors all put me off, so I realised there is a niche to fill where people can come to a relaxed environment to talk about making something that means a lot to them. I've had it where I've come straight from the workshop to go to the West End to find a gift at Christmas and had sales people look down their noses at me because I'm in work boots and have forgotten to wash my hands properly before racing out the door. 

I trained as a classical jeweller, making things from scratch. 3D printing and computer aided design was always there, but was never good enough for me to bother with, but I kept half an eye on it. Eventually it got good enough for me to adopt, so I retrained to learn how to design and manufacture in this way and now I meld the two skills. 

People can come to my workshop, talk to the people who make the jewellery and actually see where their engagement ring is going to be made. It’s a nice environment and there’s always beer in the fridge!

Quite a bit different to either going into a shop and talking to sales staff who have never made anything, or a scuzzy workshop where customer service is not always a consideration.

We're very excited to have you on board as our M1 sponsor! What attracted you to sponsoring the team? 

I am excited to get involved in a new sports club! I have had several customers who have played at Wapping. You get into my workshop and you can see what I call "The Wall of Shame" which is a collection of broken cricket bats from my mates. When a bat gets broken at my cricket club I grab it and it goes up on the wall. So, you get talking about sport a lot here and that's how I find out a few people have played for Wapping.

Then - I have to be honest here - I met Fran from the L2's and have been dating her (she's gonna kill me!). I told her about my customers playing at Wapping, and then I met Lotta from the Exec and L1's who lives with her and a plot was hatched to get me to sponsor Wapping in some way.

The Men's 1st team seemed the best option for me, as they are playing at a national level now, so my brand would get exposure further afield. I went down to your first social and had a few beers, and they are good blokes too. Welcoming and interested that I am supporting them.

Also, from an altruistic point, I would rather put money into advertising that goes to places that have a positive effect in the community rather than a posh magazine that eventually gets thrown into the recycling.

Have you played hockey yourself? 

Never. I'm from a pretty rough part of Melbourne in Australia and I'm thinking and I don't know anyone who plays it back home. Hang on, I know someone who played ice hockey, but anyway I see it as a posh sport, because where I am from you had a limited amount of team games you could play. It was basically Aussie rules, cricket or basketball. If you went to a private school you might play hockey, or lacrosse? Rugby was a northern sport, I didn't know anyone who played rugby either.

I currently play cricket at and sponsor Streatham & Marlborough down in south London, so having a winter team sport to take an interest in is going to be awesome. Loads of people at Wapping are already encouraging me to play, and I think I will give it a go. 

Playing cricket, I've done a bit of martial arts that involves sword work...yeah, hitting stuff. How hard can it be, right? Then, I watched the L2's play their first game - I think I'm going to get my arse handed to me!

We have lots of couples in the club... Any tips for how to choose an engagement ring? 

It is a big decision so you've got to make sure that you appreciate your partner's tastes and lifestyle. There's no point getting a massive diamond ring if your partner doesn't wear any jewellery, or you think they will be uncomfortable wearing something of high value.

Look to purchase something that is within your means. You can spend less than you think you might have to, and have a beautiful ring. Remember that it's the sentiment of engagement that should mean more than the value of the ring.

Do a bit of research, but don't believe everything you read online. More importantly find a jeweller you feel you can trust - you will probably want to use them to make your wedding rings, and might use them for a special gift later on.

If you are unsure, but want something meaningful to propose with, then you could consider our Perfect Proposal® where you chose a stone and propose, with an invitation to come to the workshop for a design session.

What is the best proposal you've heard from one of your clients? 

I have heard all sorts of crazy stuff, from a guy proposing with an engagement ring with bits of his amputated leg bone in it, to an argument during the proposal about getting his jeans dirty when going down on one knee.

The best though, was where a girl proposed to her man while they were both in the shower washing mud off themselves after going cycling. 

How can people find out more information about Simon Wright Jewellery? 

Our website is which is about to have an update so looking forward to that.

We have quite a bit of content on Instagram so you can get a feel for what we do.

Better yet, come and have a chat to me if you see me at a game or having a beer. You can answer my daft questions about hockey too, I'll swap you.

Thanks Simon - welcome to Wapping! 

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