Wapping Scores 2 February 2019

Posted by Rachel Gaston on 6 February 2019

L1 drew with Broxbourne 2-2, goals for Katelynn Roganowicz and Jen Token Allen. MOM for GK  Kate Brannelly for playing 70 mins in a delirious flu induced fever; DOD to Aisling McKeon, as is customary, the story is too hard to explain.

L1 02.02.19 Ph. Iain McAuslan

Not all victories end in a win, some end in a show of resilience, doggedness and a ‘will not quit’ attitude. That was the story that played out when Wapping Ladies 1’s drew 2-2 to second in the league, Broxbourne on Saturday February 2nd.

The first 10 minutes saw Wapping under multiple waves of attacks. Against a high and aggressive press, the Wapping defence and midfield struggled to outlet turning balls over cheaply to the eager and awaiting Broxbourne forwards. The game was much more physical than what Wapping had experienced over the past few games and within minutes, the quick succession of attacks led to a Broxbourne break from the Wapping 23, straight into the D where a penalty corner was awarded to the visitors. The strike from the top put them ahead 0-1.

Not relenting, Broxbourne sustained the pressure. At the 25-minute mark, a break from their own 23 yard line allowed them an attacking line down the right channel creating an overload. Wapping could not recover fast enough resulting in a scuffle in the circle for the ball to narrowly, and painfully, make its way into the goal. 0-2 to the visitors.

A brisk but efficient half time chat from Coach Bowen spurred the home side to raise the tempo, ensure they were claiming the 50:50 balls and moving the ball into pivots for the transfer.

The second half saw a swing in the balance and Wapping started to play more like themselves, transferring the play and retaining possession to sustain attacks. Becky Hart connected superbly with the midfield allowing channels to open for the Wapping counter attack while Siobhan Stewart made a record amount of tackles that continued to break the momentum of the Broxbourne forward line.

The Wapping forward line, including Kate O’Sullivan, Katelynn Roganowicz, Jenn Allen, Ness Sharman and Emily Wilford were now starting to assert their own presence on the Broxbourne attack, penetrating the circle and double teaming the Broxbourne half backs. Wapping are known for their aggressive press and it was in the second half they showed why. Three dispossessions in quick succession resulted in a penalty corner for the home side. A strike from the top by Aisling McKeon was intercepted by Wapping’s own, Roganowicz before going off the end line for the score to remain 0-1.

Broxbourne were forced to change tactics and began sending aerials up and over the first two Wapping lines. A break by one of their forwards receiving an aerial from her left back forced Wapping to scurry back to defend the D. A 1v1 was created with the Wapping keeper who smothered the Broxbourne forward, diving to keep the goal at bay and eliminating the threat.

With no out-letting options beyond causing the Wapping players to wear the ‘safe’ face height hits and aerials, Broxbourne were trapped. A quick burst from O’Sullivan saw a corner awarded in the final three minutes of the game. The push out came from Allen, stopped by Murphy and disguised passed by McKeon to Roganowicz who made contact and, in an attempt to out-do Allen’s goal, deflected it top right corner of the net to tie the game!!!

Game ended 2-2 with Wapping denying the visitors three points and a two-goal come back. The momentum is still in their favour as they play out the season.

With almost all other games in the league called off due to inclement weather, Wapping remain in 5th place until further scores come in. Wapping are away next weekend with an opportunity to secure 6 points in a double header weekend where they’ll play COP and Chemlsford. Our Ladies 1’s will be back at Lee Valley February 16th for the one of the last home games of the season and a day where M1 and M2 are also at home. Please come and show your support!


L2 - match cancelled due to bad weather

L3 beat Chelmsford 3, 3-0. Goals from Issy Meere (2) and Babs Lo Giudice. PoM: shared four ways between Claire Solley, Pascaline Dubosc, Issy Meere and Sandra Akinbolu. DoD: Babs Lo G for blatant theft of a goal, smashing in a ball that was already going in

L4 lost 4-0 to East London 3, POM to Cerys for some cracking saves, DoD to Lou for trying to force two hours of hockey videos on the team if the match was cancelled

L5s beat Colchester 3s, 6-0, goals from Lucy Taylor (2), Clare Williamson (2), Sophie Temminghoff and Emma Beresford. POM, Lucy Taylor for brilliant running, silky passing and great games. DOD, Eloise Mabey for coming all the way to Colchester just to not touch the ball and subbing herself off because she was ‘too cold’

L7 beat Braintree 2 4-0, goals from Caroline Dale (2), Tali Osen, Katrin Harding. POM, Katrin for great goal and DOD, Caroline for forgetting her gumshield, shinpads, trainers and her scrunchie, and borrowing everything from Hainsey

L8 lost 4-1 to Witham, goal from Ali Scott. POM four-way split Mel Beck, Rachel Gaston, Chan Kumari-Webster, Kat Waldron. DOD, Ali Scott/Kate Geal for getting lost on the way to the match


And on the men's side

M1 won 2-0 vs Bedford, goals for Jonny Madill and Grant Aidoo. POM, Toussaint wattine and DOD, Joe Chedd

M1 02.02.19 Ph. Iain McAuslan

M2 won 6-3 against Waltham Forest 1, goals: bobby Watson, Alain trail, Dan chamberlain, Charley Wright, Matt Hyden, Richard ripper. POM Dan Chamberlain, DOD: Joe Trickett

M3 - match cancelled due to bad weather

M4 won 5-0 against Witham M1s, goals Hamish Forbes (2), Harith Aldeghather, Darren Hutchinson, Tom Hammond. POM, Hamish Forbes, DOD, Max Tipper

M4 02.02.19 Ph. Iain McAuslan

M5 - match cancelled due to bad weather

M6 lost 7-0 to Brentwood 1s, POM to Norv Scott and DOD to Penfold

M8 lost 0-3 to Rochford, a hard game where they scored all from shorts via one wonderkid, POM Jonny Ellis for hard work and being our best attacking option. Dotd for Simon Glancy for forgetting it needs to go 5 into the D over and over.

M9 beat Basildon 1s 2-1, goals to Bryn Ford-Jones and Harry Inch. MOM to Ollie Morgan for general excellence and DOD to Julius Klutmann for German inefficiency

MX lost 1-5 against Witham M4, goal and POM for Calum Nourish

M10 02.02.19 Ph. Iain McAuslan

MXI drew 2-2 with Old Southendian 4, goals - Aaran Fronda (2). POM, Aaran Fronda for goals and DOD, Jaap Schokkenkamp for a taking a green card after Kwinten Van Nes subbed off at the wrong side of the pitch. No blood was drawn in this match

Photos by Iain McAuslan

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